Sep 10

The Shape of Worship to Come

Princeton, N.J.  — They are the downsizers. And perhaps the uplifters.

At a time when…

Mar 04

Design with a Spiritual Connection

Posted by Huffington Post on March 4, 2015
by Steve Mariotti

Designing synagogues is not exactly a growth industry--quite…

Jan 27

Issues and Trends in Synagogue Design

There are unique issues involved in the design and construction of religious and worship facilities generally, and more specifically to the needs of Judaic institutions and congregants.

Assess Existing Facilities First
Existing facility assessments are an…

Dec 06

Designing the 21st Century Synagogue

Breuer, and Joshua Zinder, 44, who worked for Michael Graves, among others, before starting his own firm five years ago. Th e men, who still have individual practices, met about 10 years at the Princeton Jewish Center, where both are members. They spoke to a reporter about designing the 21st-century…

Nov 19

Architects See Shul Design as Work of the Spirit

When designing a synagogue, an architect must consider not only its style and the physical needs of the congregation, but also its members’ ideas of how they envision their spiritual home. The structure must above all have a design that “elevates it to the spiritual,” according to architect Joshua…

Oct 17

Landau Zinder form Firm for Judaic Building Design

Reprinted from the October 17, 2012, issue of U.S. 1 Newspaper
by Bill Sanservino

Joshua Zinder Architecture & Design, at 20 Nassau Street, and Michael Landau Architects, at 10 Patton Avenue, have joined forces to form a specialty boutique firm. The new firm, Landau | Zinder,…